• Coding is fun!

    Coding is fun!

In a world where technology is everywhere...

...it has never been more important that our children embrace technology. But simply using technology is not enough - it is not about the time you spend but what you are actually doing and learning that counts. 

Children need skills to use technology in new ways. To not just consume information, but to use technology as active creators, letting their own ideas take shape and to leverage the power of technology to truly transform education beyond just making it more accessible or convenient. At EasyPeasyCoding, we use technology as a means to an end - and that end is for children (and parents!) to have fun, while learning valuable skills and learning new ways of thinking.

Empowering Creativity

EasyPeasy Coding has been designed to challenge children to create their own apps, games, music and art through coding. Using the latest gadgets, robots and other devices we allow children to experience first hand how software can affect the physical world. Ultimately we want children to be empowered to imagine and shape their own creations. 

Our philosophy is to strike a balance between making content accessible, but still challenging enough so that children stay engaged. We use many different materials and platforms as we know that no matter how good something is, children need variety to maintain interest.

Specifically designed for young minds

EasyPeasy Coding was designed from the ground up as a dedicated program for children aged 5 - 10. We help children develop critical skills all the way from pre-reader to pre-secondary level: from thinking skills and actual programming skills to problem solving and organizational skills. As we introduce children to electronics, robotics and all manner of fun projects they can build and make we help them develop fine motor skills, focus their little minds on attention to detail and help them gain a good understanding of how things really work.  But most importantly we want our students to have fun, and to feel empowered to unleash their own creativity and imagination and create new things through technology.

Following requests from parents and students we have also launched formal courses for secondary school students aged 11 - 13.

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