Explain the name...

Choosing a name is never easy. But sometimes things just fall into place.  We were running a little workshop for our own kids (yes, we are all parents here, just like you probably are if you are visiting this page), and one of our 8 year olds stomped over, proudly waving a worksheet he had just finished and exclaimed "This programming stuff isn't hard, its easypeasy!"

And so, EasyPeasy Coding was born, and our little robots EZ and PZ got their name. You will be seeing a lot of them - we have designed our materials around EZ and PZ to give children a consistent narrative throughout their exploration of coding. And yes - eventually they will even build their very own EZ and PZ!


What exactly do we do?

In simple terms - we make children think, and use technology as a catalyst to do so. If your child likes Minecraft(TM) (ok, which child doesn't) - we do Minecraft! We also do Electronics: lights and stuff that whirrs and beeps. And actual programming too. But above all we have a lot of fun and learn a lot in the process.

Our programs include after-school and joint parent/child classes. We also train teachers, and can provide schools with classroom-ready resources like student workbooks, as well as guidance on how to link coding to  core curriculum subjects.

Our Team

We are proud to have some very smart people on our team - and once we get around to taking some proper photos we will be listing them here!

What are you waiting for?
Come create with us!