Become an Instructor

We consider teachers our greatest asset. We pay extremely competitive rates, but are very selective when it comes to bringing in new teaching talent.

We see teaching as a vocation, and good teachers as heroes - sadly often unsung and under appreciated heroes.  We know that many teachers are frustrated working in traditional classroom settings with far too many students at a time and far too few resources and time. We try to be different - our classes are small, we provide the very best resources and materials, and we want you to enjoy every single lesson , every time.

We look for teachers who love working with children, who are not afraid to learn themselves, and who are able to think outside the box. We want creativity, craziness and fun, accompanied by professional training in pedagogy and teaching methods. In other words: we want you to be a true teacher.

How to become a teacher

Please fill in below form.

  1. You must be a trained teacher, actively teaching at primary or secondary school level. We are also happy to be contacted by retired teachers who miss working with children and would like to share their experience with a new generation of teachers and kids.
  2. We give preference to teachers who have been trained in computational thinking and/or computer science. However if you are willing to learn we are happy to train you. If we can teach thinking to a 5 year old, we are hopeful we can train you too!
  3. You must love working with kids. Let us be clear on this - you are not there for the money. You are there to work with each individual student and help them reach their own personal potential, and for you and them to have fun doing so.
  4. We want you to be the best teacher you can possibly be by creating an environment that values independent thinking, personal initiative and creativity. We have a fluid approach to lessons, syllabuses and deliverables. If you see a better way of bringing a concept across - do it! Then tell us about it and we will be happy to reward you for your creativity and work. Our classes are small - typically around 8 - 12 students, and we try to provide a junior assistant to each teacher where feasible, so that you can focus on delivering the best lesson you can.
  5. You must consider your students like your own children. Safety in the classroom, and outside the classroom is of absolute paramount importance (and yes, we put two superlatives in there on purpose). If a parent come 10 minutes late to pick up their child, you have to be willing to wait till all your charges are taken care of.
  6. You must have a clean police record.
  7. Working hours are very flexible, but ideally you are available to run classes in your own school in the early afternoon (when school ends), or late afternoons/evenings.
We offer many opportunities for capable people. Apart from teaching we actively encourage our teachers to help us create new and exciting lessons with the most innovative content around.

We work closely with some of the most revolutionary companies in the field of education innovation, and this means you will have access to the very latest and greatest in edtech.

Just as we pay for teaching, we pay extremely well for good content and ideas.
We are working to develop our teacher training courses into fully fledged, certified professional development courses.

As a young company we have near unlimited potential for growth and opportunities for members in the team.

This includes international travel and work, and getting to work with some of the brightest minds in education innovation around the world.