Course registrations are now open for summer courses. Please send us an email on with the Course Code you are interested in and we will contact you with available dates and pricing. You can also download these courses as PDFs for both EasyPeasyCoding and TeenTronik courses.

CODE101A1: Introduction to coding for parents and kids aged 5-6

This is a special class for very young kids, and we encourage parents to attend with their children. No previous knowledge is required! We use robots to introduce coding concepts , learn how to count like a computer and learn how to think like a computer.

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.


CODE101A2 Introduction to coding for kids aged 7+

A class that uses Minecraft and robots to teach kids aged 7+ about coding, teaches them how to plan buildings in Minecraft and how to make buildings in Minecraft through code. We will look at basic electronics and how a computer can control electronics to do some very cool things!

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.

CODE101A3 Introduction to coding with Scratch – Recommended ages 7 – 10

Children will create their own video game and interactive stories featuring… themselves! This course uses Scratch to teach coding concepts and immediately applies them creatively.

Please contact us for schedule and pricing

CODE201A1 - Minecraft Coding with JavaScript – Recommended Ages: 9 – 11

Learn programming through Minecraft. Starting out with visual programming, children will learn the basics of programming in JavaScript and move on to making sophisticated mods and fun little games in Minecraft. The perfect course for children who love Minecraft but have no idea how to program. This course is the ideal way to get them into critical thinking and problem solving in a fun and exciting way.  (Robots will be used in this course as well)

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.

CODE201A2 - Python coding for kids – fun and games and robots! - Recommended Ages 9 – 11

An introduction to Python programming that is suitable for complete beginners – however it requires good English reading skills. Become a Code Warrior and learn how Python can be used to make robots follow your instructions and to make cool things in Minecraft. Unlike CODE201A1, this course is not Minecraft focused.

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.

CODEMS001 - Creative coding through apps and games – Ages 11 – 13

An introductory computer programming course that lays the foundation for understanding the principles and practices of computer science. The course is designed to attract and reach a broad and diverse range of students, including those who may have never considered programming. Students learn how to code by working in a real software development environment to design, program and publish mobile apps and games. Learning to code by creating real products, students discover how to make amazing things and have an impact on their world. This course was designed by Microsoft and is being delivered by a certified MSIE.

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.


CODE401A1 - Learn Java with Minecraft – Recommended Ages 11 – 13

Like to play Minecraft? Want to learn Java and make awesome Minecraft mods at the same time? This is the course for you. Using a dedicated learning environment we will guide children as they gently get to grips with Java through cool coding projects that allow them to master Minecraft like never before.

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.


CODE401A2 - Webdesign with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – Recommended Ages 11-13

We explore how web servers work, and how to write HTML and apply formatting with CSS. We also explore how to use JavaScript and HTML5 to create more dynamic pages and animations, and look at best practices for designing attractive and functional websites

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.


CODE401A3 - Electronics and coding – sensors, motors and Internet of Things – Recommended Ages 11-13

Ever wanted to make your own security alarm? Or make a robot? This course is the ideal start to your career as a tinkerer. Completely hands on, you will be using the BBC Microbit, Raspberry Pi and Arduino to design cool gadgets, machines and robots. We might even do some e-textiles! Not to be missed if you are a budding engineer or just curious about how things work.

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.


Junior Tech Club: A 48 hour summer club for children aged 8 – 10. [3 hourly sessions twice a week].

Our unique approach combines the best materials and pedagogical approaches to teach critical and creative thinking through coding, music and art – and of course Minecraft, Electronics and Robots!
Children will create their own games, robotics and IOT (internet of Things) projects while learning many important coding and thinking concepts. They will actively code in Python,  JavaScript and HTML and use awide variety of selected tools and platforms, including Marty the Robot, Ozobot, Minecraft, Raspberry Pi, BBC Microbit  and Makeblock materials.

This club is suitable for complete beginners, but it is expected that participants have good English reading skills.

Prerequisites: none, but preference will be given to children who have previously completed one of our Code101 courses.

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.


Senior Tech Club Teentronik : A 48 hour summer club for young adults aged 11 – 15 (3 hourly sessions twice a week).

Spanning a wide range of topics, the emphasis of this club will be to explore a variety of intermediate and advanced concepts– from Internet of Things to robotics, machine learning, e-textiles and even artificial intelligence. Beyond just technical knowledge the club will also explore concepts such as entrepreneurship (how to turn a good idea into a good business), time management, teamwork and problem solving skills.

Participants in this club will be eligible for selection to join the Headstart Teentronik team at next year’s Malta Robotics Olympiad!

Prerequisites: This club is not intended for complete beginners. We would like participants to have at least some idea of coding (even if very limited), and a keen interest in tinkering, electronics and making stuff is strongly encouraged!

Please contact us for schedule and pricing.